Legacy Of Fun

I choose a legacy of fun

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I thought it fitting to start this blog with a definition of what it’s about.

Legacy of Fun is about choices. Particularly my own.

It’s about awareness. Awareness that saying yes to one thing means saying no to another.

It’s about choosing connection instead of escape. Choosing community instead of solitude. Actively seeking a passionate life instead of only settling for what has been laid before me.

It’s about finding joy in simplicity and finding humor in everything.

It’s about bathing others in the aroma of a life well lived.

It means taking control of today and defining success on my own terms.

Who am I?

I’m Mike Mitrovich… just a guy looking to align the daily living of his life with the longings of his heart and soul.

The life we live leaves traces everywhere we go… a legacy. Whether it’s the legacy of a lifetime or the legacy of 2 minutes in the supermarket checkout. Our choices trickle over into the lives of our family our friends and even complete strangers.

My goal is to leave a Legacy of Fun…

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