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Build a "community of shovers" to help make life changes

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I don’t know about you, but in my experience it is much more difficult to make life changes than the leading blogs, books and websites would have me believe.


I desire to live a life that leaves behind a “legacy of fun”. But that life is different from how I’ve been living. And in this current life, I’ve built up a fair amount of friction.

The friction I’m talking about includes:

  • Nay-sayers and doubters who question my desires, judge my progress and deny that what I seek even exists
  • A history of making the same choices I’ve been making
  • A mind-set that says it will always be how it is now because it always has been
  • Fear… fear of the unknown, financial stability, loss of respect, burning bridges
  • Lack of clarity… knowing I want to change, but unable to imagine the future I’m trying to build

To overcome its own friction, sometimes an object (like me) needs a little outside shove.

I tend to need a BIG shove.

For me, it’s been paying off to have a “community of shovers”. My current community of shovers consists of one close friend and one paid professional.

Both are helping me to overcome my own friction by:

  • Asking probing questions
  • Knocking down my excuses
  • Revealing blind corners in my thought process
  • Challenging me
  • Sharing their own experience and outlook on life

I have read a number of blogs and books on living life better. They sound great and I applaud those writers for their success. They really seem to have it together.

I don’t have it together. Most days I feel I’m falling apart.

Regardless of that, I hope my experience can lend to yours. That over time you can learn from my haphazard journey. And maybe one day we can be a community of shovers for each other.

Anyone need a shove?

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