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12 Reasons You Need to Take an Improv Class ASAP!

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1. Recharge your Imagination

There are very few props in improv. Every thing you need is in your mind.

Part of learning improv is learning to use imagination to generate believable props, believable locations and believable situations out of thin air.

You can learn to do this, and it’s like letting your mind out of prison.

2. Reconnect with yourself

Improv is less about pretending or “acting” and more about being completely present and completely “you.”

Many of us spend a lot of time acting in our daily lives… suppressing who we really are to fit in.

Good improv is angry, sad, confused, jealous, ecstatic, annoyed, yearning.

3. Test out your dreams

Nothing is impossible in Improv. You get to be anywhere, be anyone, have anything.

How often do you get that chance, even for 5 minutes?

4. Live in the now!

Improv is unplanned. Unscripted. You can’t really prepare. You can’t look far ahead and you can’t take too much time sifting through memory.

Improv happens right now. In the spur of the moment. There’s no time to apologise and no time to generate a strategy.

The only thing that matters is this instant and the attention you give it.

5. Yes, And!

A core component of improv is the idea of “Yes, And!” It is like mental Judo that keeps your glass half full at all times… no matter what the glass is full of.

It means you don’t build walls of negativity, you don’t say “No” in ways that halt momentum, that stop a scene or kill productivity.

It’s fully accepting what you’ve been offered and then adding more to the conversation. “Yes… and” is less about ME and more about US.

6. Meet New People

Improv classes are a great way to meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

In recent classes, I’ve met singers, actors, programmers, high school students, college students, program managers, grandparents, writers, you name it.

It never hurts to build your network and what better way than through a great shared experience?

7. Improve Communication Skills

Good improv doesn’t happen without great communication.

When you are creating an imagined world with imagined props and in imagined space, it is ALL about communication. Learning to hear and learning to make sure you’re heard. Essential skills in many aspects of life.

8. Learn to Trust

Improv teaches you to trust others (and yourself ) more. If you try to plan the future, you ruin it because you’ve lost track of the present.

Learning basic improv skills will teach you to trust your mind to come up with the answer and to make the right connections. It will teach you to let go of having to “own” everything and trust that your partner(s) are working toward the same goal.

9. Have Fun!

Improv is just plain fun! For all the reasons I’ve already stated and more. It is energetic, funny, silly and amazing.

You can use more silly in your life.

10. Learn to Sound Your Barbaric Yawp!

Video: Dead Poets Society – Barbaric Yawp

11. Unplug!

If a cell phone or email show up in Improv, they will only be the most important email or most important call. They will have true purpose in the progress of a scene. This is rarely true in real life.

Unplug. Get away from the devices that distract. Stop trying to catch up with the world and start enjoying the moment you’re in.

12. Learn to Play Again

Some of us have forgotten how to play. We just want to accomplish tasks, make progress, get things done.

Play feels good. Play adds energy. Play connects us with those we play with. Play makes us better people, more attractive people, influential people. Play is a source of life.

If you’re in the Seattle, WA area, I HIGHLY recommend Jet City Improv for both a great show AND great classes.

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