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Keep The Kids Warm Indoors With A Homemade Fishing Game!


Home made fishing game

One windy and rainy day last week, I found myself on the floor with my 3 year old daughter.

We were playing with some magnetic dress up dolls she got as a birthday gift.

I’m glad she likes them, but magnetic dress up is not in my top 10 favorite things to do on a rainy day.

I’d rather be fishing

Suddenly, she lines the magnetic gals up in a line, dressed in swimsuits.

She stands next to them, asks me to do the same and says, “We’re fishing.”


Ok. We’ve never taken Zoe fishing. I don’t know that we’ve ever talked about fishing.

But now we’re fishing.

I like to act stuff out, so I kneel down and grab some colorful magnetic shirts and make them swim like fish and make whizzing fishing pole noises.

Then I decide we need a more in depth fishing experience, so I wrangle up the following for us to play:

A homemade fishing game

I tie some string to a chopstick for our pole and line.

I remember we have a disc-shaped magnet laying around, so I grab that and tie that on the end of string as our “hook”.

Then I grab a sheet of paper and quickly cut out a half dozen fish shapes… (I say fish shapes, but you’d have to stretch your imagination pretty far. It worked for a preschooler, so zip it…)

Then I slapped a paperclip on each fish shape and voila! We were reeling ‘em in!

Quick. Easy. Cheap. Fun. What’s not to like?

Figure I’d share in case you’re bored indoors one day.

Maybe even learn a thing or two

Besides the inherant eye-hand coordination practice, you could beef it up:

  • Different colored fish to learn colors.
  • Numbers on the fish to learn numbers or counting, addition, substraction, etc.
  • Sorting the fish by some kind of characteristic… color, size, whatever.
  • Put letters on the fish for spelling or letter recognition.
  • Put words on the fish to practice sentence structure.

Anyway, if you try this out or already do something similar, let us know how it works with your kids!

Happy fishing!

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Oct 28,2010 @ 03:23PM

Those aren’t bad. They’re kinda fishy-ish. I think I might try this with my kids tomorrow. I’ll let them cut out the fish so I can have an excuse if they turn out looking like mud pies in the rain. Not that that’s what yours looked like. I’ll do it under the guise of practicing “cutting skills”. We homeschool, so I can do all kinds of things and call it educational! I’m even pretty good at coming up with official-sounding words to make others think I’m all smart and perfectly wonderful at teaching. My kids know the truth though.

Lindsay K. McPhail

Oct 28,2010 @ 03:23PM

My little guy is sitting on my lap while we read… he saw this and flipped out… can’t wait to try it… what a great idea:)

Mike Mitrovich (author)

Oct 28,2010 @ 03:35PM

“Not that that’s what yours looked like…” haha, nice recovery Langela! :)

You could call it a “fishalogical study of magnetism as it applies to papertudinous dexterity!”

Lindsay, I’m glad I attached the picture. Was afraid I’d lose some folks with my lead in story. Hope he has fun!


Oct 28,2010 @ 06:34PM

I really didn’t mean yours looked like that. I don’t know you enough to show my extremely sarcastic self. You never know who may take offence at something intended to be funny.

Mike Mitrovich (author)

Oct 28,2010 @ 07:38PM

I’d rather laugh at things intended to offend me than take a joke too personally.

I think my humor band runs pretty wide, so you’d have to be pretty mean spirited to offend.

Frankly, this blog is so new, I’m just happy to have visitors… and such friendly ones to boot!


Oct 29,2010 @ 05:55AM

This thought process ran through my mind this morning, concerning the fish game and school.
ME: Kids, today we are going to learn how to use scissors.
THEM: Mom, we have been using scissors for years now. I think we got it.
ME: If we do this, you don’t have to do math.
THEM: What are scissors? Please teach us.

Mike Mitrovich (author)

Oct 29,2010 @ 10:00AM

LOL… a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.


Oct 29,2010 @ 11:29AM

BTW, we played this today. I drew out little fish on colorful paper for the kids to cut out. Let me back up, I drew perfectly shaped fish that would be mistaken for a real live (dead) fish laying on the floor, for the kids to cut out. Then they cut them out and the fish looked like mud pies left out in the rain. Some even had fringe on them. Then, I only had two magnets, so one of the kids had to fish with a clippy refigerator magnet on the end of a stick. Yep, we had real sticks as poles with bright red ribbon as our lines. I wonder how many blog parents would post such hilarity—sticks, red ribbon lines, clippy magnets, and fringey fish. I doubt many would be running to copy THAT! But it was fun to watch them steal each other’s fish. We used different senses to see/ hear/ feel if we had a fish on the line.

Mike Mitrovich (author)

Oct 29,2010 @ 11:48AM

That’s awesome! I like the different senses approach.

At my daughters birthday a couple weeks ago, I did a spin on “pin the tail on the donkey” that was a little more sensory… still mostly just touch, but slightly more involved.

I’ll plan to post the details of that as a blog entry in the next few days.

Lindsay K. McPhail

Oct 29,2010 @ 12:52PM

Hey Mike I was so excited I showed my husband… and he thought it was awesome… we’re really desperate for activities to keep our monkeys busy indoors during the very WET Oregon winters… Thanks again:)

Mike Mitrovich (author)

Oct 29,2010 @ 02:26PM

Glad you liked it! In a few minutes I’ll post another indoor activity you can maybe add to your list.


Oct 29,2010 @ 11:49PM

Ok, daddy, I think it’s time you put pen to paper (or at least fingers to keyboard) and wrote a book about the inexpensive, indoor activities parents can use to teach, inspire, and pass time while spending quality time with their preschoolers. I would definietely read it. Afterall, your ingenious ideas have already kept my 36 year old very busy. Oh, and he lets his 3 year old daughter help out and play with him, too. Love it!!!

Mike Mitrovich (author)

Oct 30,2010 @ 08:26AM

Dang it, Mom, stop giving away my secrets! Good thing Zoe doesn’t read yet… she still thinks her toys are primarily for HER! :P

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