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A Homemade Sensory Game: Animal Lunch


animal lunch game

I don’t know how some of you parents do it with multiple children. I feel brain dead with just one!

I had a need for entertainment at my daughter’s birthday party a couple weeks ago.

And due to my epic failure to plan ahead, I had about 10 minutes to design the game.

Luckily, this particular brain fart had a sweet aroma.

The game I came up with was inspired by “pin the tail on the donkey” and was a great fit for the preschoolers at our animal themed party.

Here’s what I did…

Animal Lunch (for lack of a better name)

I found some stuffed animals and a food item to match:

  • Cat & Carton of milk
  • Turtle & Fake plastic lettuce leaf
  • Bear & Honey bear container
  • Dog & Rubber dog bone

I lined up the animals in a row and placed small identical plates in front of each.

I threw the food in a basket and interrogated the kids to make sure everyone knew which food went with which animal.

I placed the basket a few feet from the animals, blindfolded the kids and switched up the animals to make sure it wasn’t just a memory game.

The kids had to feel around in the basket for an item, then walk over to the animals and feel around to figure out which one the food belonged to and set it on the correct plate.

They had a blast!

And even though the challenge was not particularly difficult for daddy, the kids loved seeing me hunched over and blindfolded… they took turns holding my hand to make sure I didn’t fall on my face.

Try it out!

Let me know if your kids like serving up an animal lunch too!

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Mike Mitrovich (author)

Oct 29,2010 @ 02:37PM

I may need to change the title on this. I don’t know that you’d really call this “home made” as much as “home found”.


Oct 29,2010 @ 07:40PM

The game is homemade even if the game pieces are “found”. Sounds like a lot of fun. My kids are 5,8,9 and I think they would enjoy it just as much. I love keeping them home and innocent so that games like this aren’t uncool to them.

Way to go, dad!

Mike Mitrovich (author)

Oct 29,2010 @ 08:43PM



Oct 30,2010 @ 06:29AM

Since I see you doing so much of the “playing”, is your wife in the background doing all the “work”? You should feature her in one of your posts. Unless she is too busy doing all your “work” to make an appearance. :o)

Mike Mitrovich (author)

Oct 30,2010 @ 08:33AM

You make a VERY good point.

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