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Paper Crafts for Even the Un-Crafty


Tron Lightbike

I don’t really consider myself a “crafts” kind of guy.

But it’s raining outside. And my daughter can’t really handle a Wii controller yet. And this craft has potential for earning me a fair amount of old-guy geek cred.

So here goes… you ready?

Paper craft models!

Hey man, don’t laugh… some of these things are stinkin’ awesome!

Here’s what you need:

  • Computer with an Internet connection
  • Printer (preferably color, but not necessary)
  • Paper (thicker stock is better, but the plain old stuff is fine for many projects).
  • Some level of patience and manual dexterity

Print them out. Put them together.

Hang them from the ceiling. Tape them to the wall. Put them on your desk. Crash into them with your remote control cars. Give them as gifts. Run around the house with them making appropriate sound effects. Use them as game pieces. Set them on fire.

A whole new world is in the palm of your hand!!!

There are TONS of free online resources for paper model printouts. (Just be careful with any of the free download sites… make sure your virus scanner is up to date.)

Here’s a few that might even get the more masculine among us in the crafting mood:

If you have any favorite links to good paper models, let us know in the comments!

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Jan 13,2011 @ 06:21AM


Actually I didn’t know this stuff existed. I’ll have to look into it as a way to keep my kids busy.

Glad to hear you are working again.

Mike Mitrovich (author)

Jan 19,2011 @ 12:20PM

Sorry for the delayed response!

Yeah, there are all kinds of 3D paper projects out there. I built the light cycle and it was pretty easy. Some of them look incredibly difficult though.

And thanks on the job comment! It’s great to be working again.



Apr 27,2011 @ 12:54AM

Nice, very interesting post.

Mike Mitrovich (author)

Apr 27,2011 @ 10:01AM

Thanks Gardener! Hope you find some fun paper crafts to build!

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