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3 Year Old Girl Slays Monsters, Rescues Best Friend and Still Has Time to Wash Hands For Dinner



The dungeon walls were stern and bleak… a forbidding mist clinging to every stone. The stir of malicious beasts echoed off the walls… both disturbing and disorienting. And somewhere trapped in the bowels of this abysmal tomb lay a companion unlike any other. Sniffer… the furry, gray, valiant guardian of dreams and hopes.

The cause of his abduction was unknown… as was the danger. Yet 3 heroes, brave and bold would still their fears… steady their trembling hands… and venture into the very mouth of evil and bring back our missing friend.

Pig the Stubby, Bear the Bowtied and Cherry Dog. Heroes to the core, all three.

Time after time, they would near exhaustion, but still they pressed on… and prevailed. Princess Zoe’s dreams were once again safe and sound in the sure paws of Sniffer the wolf…


My three year old daughter and I tried out this game last night, called Kids Dungeon Adventure. Not a commercial product, just a simple yet fun do-it-yourself game from the mind of Ben Garvey.

Tons of Dads, including me, have toyed around with this idea in their heads… but THANK YOU BEN for getting it out of your head and into my hands!

Kids Dungeon Adventure is a really simple role playing game aimed at younger kids (4 and up). It uses toys you already have… blocks, action figures, stuffed animals, whatever you’ve got… and you and your child’s imagination.

For 6 bucks, Ben gives you a PDF download of the core game that has all kinds of room for your own tweaks and additions. You get the rules he came up with, plus everything you need to track monsters, treasure, etc.

This game is a great way to have fun while teaching basic counting and money management while also presenting challenges and low-impact winning/loosing scenarios. And it’s just as fun for Dad as it is for the kids!

I know some will be turned off by the fact that it is monsters and fighting and all that. At 3 years old, I don’ want Zoe to deal with death and fighting too much, but it was simple enough to change the concept of “hit points” to “energy points” and instead of dying, heroes and monsters got “exhausted” or “scared away”.

Zoe loved it and I had a blast… looking forward to playing again and building on the rules and adventures more as we play!

Download the $6 PDF with all the rules and monster/treasure printouts at http://kidsdungeonadventure.com

I plan to update this post with pictures of our own dungeon, but I liked the game so much I wanted to get this review up right away!

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Apr 12,2011 @ 05:58AM

My son loves to kill things. Right now it’s cowboys and indians, bank robbers, bad guys, bears, wolves, and any other sinister, ne’er-do-well. Monsters are not typically on his list. Although, I’m sure if he was exposed to a monster, he would definitely want to kill it. Funny thing, though, he doesn’t like to kill fish or chickens or probably anything “real” except snakes. He’s just not into actual blood and gore (which is good). That’s my boy, keeping things neat and clean.

Mike Mitrovich (author)

Apr 12,2011 @ 08:04AM

Langela, he might still like this game. The “monsters” provided in the download are pictures of children’s toys and include things like… plastic caterpillars, plastic spiders, snakes, a rubber fly, “scurvy pirate”, etc.

Could even take the provided “monster” sheet as a template and make your own with whatever baddies you wanted.

I really want my daughter to enjoy board games as she gets older, but she doesn’t like counting spaces or other physical boundaries like that, so this game is great… there is still dice rolling and rules, but with adventure and story obscuring them for the most part… and the dungeon we build ourselves is much more organic than spaces marked out on a board.

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