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Dads - Turn That Boring Tea Party into a Date on the Moon!


Tea on the moon

I don’t think the tea party can ever be fully redeemed.

I love my daughter and spending time with her.

But I don’t love tea parties.

Real or pretend.

When my daughter says “let’s play” – 9 times out 10 she means “sit at this little table where your knees don’t fit and eat pretend food and drink pretend tea.”

Um… yay?

But here’s the deal: I’d rather have fun pretending than just pretend to have fun.

One way I can do that is to invite more physicality and imagination.

That’s how one recent tea party landed us on the moon.

Some elements of a good moon-side tea party:

  • A rocket trip to the moon involves daddy’s lap, a tipping chair and lots of turbulence.
  • A tea party on the moon requires a galactic menu (you think that’s air you’re breathing? Hmm..)
  • You can see the earth from the moon… we could even see our house
  • The strangest creatures walk by…

I’m sure you have your own ideas… share them in the comments!

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Aug 19,2011 @ 07:48PM

When I think of the moon I think of moving in exaggerated slow motion. Also, aliens must be invited to the tea party. Need to get on their good side before they invade.

Mike Mitrovich (author)

Aug 19,2011 @ 11:35PM

Totally! Last time we flew there, the dog became our waitress!

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