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Why Send Hallmark When You Can Leave Your OWN Mark With A Personalized Rhyme From Legacy Of Fun?


Greeting card aisle

When I’m walking down the card aisle, I totally hope to walk away with a “YES! This is the PERFECT card!”

But it’s usually more like “Bleh, whatever. This’ll do.”

It’s not that the greeting cards are bad… it’s just that they were written for “everybody”, instead of just for me and my situation.

They might be “novel”, but they aren’t unique.

And cards cost what? 5 Bucks these days?

And let’s not even talk about the dorky invitation sets you can buy. Maybe they have fun art on them, but then it’s just “to / from / date / bleh…”

Let me help you make your next greeting card or invitation stand out from the crowd

I can help make your next cards seriously pop! Whether it’s an invite to a bunch of birthday guests or you want something for your hubby while you renew your vows with Elvis.

Here’s the deal… for 10 bucks, I write you a unique rhyme that is specifically for YOU and YOUR event.

When possible, I jam it all in there: theme, venue, time and date… whatever you want.

Then you go somewhere like Vista Print, and add my rhyme to your own design or one of theirs.

I’ll tell you this… you won’t be hearing things like “oh hey, these invitation are just like so-and-so’s”. You’ll be hearing, “These are AWESOME! YOU are awesome!”

Of course, I hope you’ll tell your friends, and then you might hear “These are just like so-and-so’s… SO UNIQUE!”

Request your rhyme today

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Jul 30,2011 @ 06:44AM

Maybe you could give us an example??? Not everyone has seen your work and knows your talent. They may be envisioning something like your potty song- cute but not quite card-worthy. Just sayin’ :o)

Mike Mitrovich (author)

Jul 30,2011 @ 08:44AM

Great point!
Still trying to find the best place to keep sample rhymes.

Here’s one I wrote for a Word World themed birthday party:

There’s going to be a party, of that there is no doubt!
You may, my friends, be wondering why. So let us spell it out…

Mark Allen is turning 3! Can you believe that he’s so big!?
We’re celebrating Word World style with friends like frog and pig!

September 5th at 3 o’clock, we hope that you’ll arrive
To help us celebrate Mark while the words all come alive!

One last note before we go, at risk of being “word-y”
Please be sure to RSVP by the date of August 30.


Jul 30,2011 @ 12:44PM

Very nice! BTW, when I click on the rss feed quote (for this post only) it sends me to a page that says, “Nice Try”. I’m not sure why, but I love the sarcastic tone of it! I have to click on the previous post’s quote to get here. Just an fyi.

Mike Mitrovich (author)

Jul 30,2011 @ 04:34PM

Thanks for letting me know! I must have broken the feed with the site update. :(

I’ll work on getting that fixed!

Mike Mitrovich (author)

Jul 30,2011 @ 04:45PM

Think I fixed it… we’ll see if the next blog post feeds right or not…


Jul 30,2011 @ 07:13PM

Works now.

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