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How to play more board games when there just isn't time

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play more boardgames

I know how it is:
You hear some friend talk about the fun board game they played over the weekend and you think…

Man, I need to play games more often.

And so you try to get some people together but schedules don’t match up.

2 days before the game, one of the few people who were coming backs out and it’s down to 2 or 3 of you, but the game you wanted to play really needed 4 players.

It sucks, I know!

The problem is… those things won’t change.

Schedules will always conflict.

Things will always come up last minute.

Don’t be discouraged!

You can make game day happen!

Who’s playing?

First, get your list together of the folks you’d want to play with. Or people you MIGHT want to play with. Make sure you have all their emails and put them in a list of some kind… Excel, a text file, a category in your address book, a personal distribution list, whatever.

When are they generally available?

Next, forget everyone’s schedules. They will NEVER match up.

The closest you will get is a “general availability”… Saturday’s, Sunday’s, afternoons, evenings… Pick the most common “general availability”.

For my buds and I, that’s about a 4 hour chunk of time on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

How often do YOU want to play?

Ok, so you’ve got your day. Now, how often do you want to host a game day? Weekly? Monthly?

My group meets every other month.

Ok, you have a day and a frequency… Now schedule that out for the rest of your natural life. This is really easy with some kind of digital calendar.

Game day – 3rd Saturday of every other month… Repeat forever.

Now share that with your group.

“Hey group, I’m hosting a game day at my place the 3rd Saturday of every other month. Here are the dates for the next year: blah blah blah. Mark your calendars, whoever shows up will get their game on.”

Send Reminders!

Now, nobody will put this on their stinking’ calendars, so you need to set yourself reminders. Remind yourself to remind them.

Give those fools a countdown.

“game day in 3 weeks, let me know if you’ll be there.”

“game day in 2 weeks…”

“game day next week”

“reminder, game day tomorrow!”

And that’s really it!

If you wait until you think about it or until people are available, it just won’t happen. But now that time is set aside for the rest of your life… it’s freakin’ scheduled!

If you schedule it, they will come.

You will get varied turn out, varied numbers… No biggie. You may need to round out your games to support different numbers. Don’t be afraid to split a huge turnout in to multiple smaller groups if you’ve got the space.

If you and your friends really do want to play games more often, it will be VERY rare that you don’t have at least a few players come game day.

Now stop talking and thinking about playing more games and DO IT!

Reroll time…

Now that I’ve said that, any of my buds that see this are going to call b.s. because I fell out of my schedule.

It happens… My wife got really sick, holidays hit, my brother was diagnosed with cancer…

Life happens my friends. Your life long game schedule will get derailed.

So what? Re-schedule it! Get that thing going again!

[And any Guys from my game day reading this… Keep an eye on your email… ‘cause I’m getting the games back on suckas…]

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