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Eeny meeny, pick a greenie

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happily picking her nose

My daughter recently learned to make choices via the eeny meeny miny mo method.

As an adult, of course, I realize how easy this method is to rig. If the rhyme is the same every time, you just start wherever you need to for it to come out in your favor.

So in the car today, I presented her one solution to this dilemma, instilling a more random bent to the eeny miny method…

It goes like this:

Eeny meeny miny mo
Stick a finger up your nose
If it’s sticky, flick like so
Eeny meeny miny mo

She then asked, “But Dad, who wins?”

“Whoever it sticks to.”

Do you have your own version of eeny meeny? How does yours go?

Did I even spell it right? And who the heck is Eeny meeny miny mo to begin with?

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