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Magic Is Real

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Magic is real

Poetry, Art, Love, Magic, Joy, Excitement, Adventure, Mystery, Danger… it’s all real.

Sometimes you need to be reminded.

Step right up ladies and gentlemen… this is LIFE!

And it can be magic if you let it.

Magic, you say?

Yes, magic.

But you can’t wait for the magic… you must SUMMON it.

Magic is transforming and powerful.

Magic is the difference between sharing a link on Facebook… and sharing a cup of coffee with a friend or stranger.

(Though the right link at the right time to the right person can be its own kind of magic.)

It’s the difference between thinking a kind thought… and speaking a kind word or performing a kind action.

It’s the difference between pretense and honesty.

Magic is risk… it’s boldness. Magic is terrifying.

Magic is stepping out of the thread of digital “happy birthdays” and picking up a phone… or getting in a car.

Magic is in the words we speak and questions we ask…

I like that outfit.
Your hair looks great today.
Happy Birthday
Let’s have lunch
How are you really?
Here, take mine.
I miss you.
I love you.
I’m thinking of you.

Magic stirs within you, whispering softly to be set free in a world that desperately needs it.

Magic is real.

It’s you.

Your kind word.

Your unexpected help.

Your voice.

Your touch.

Your dollar.

Your meal.

Your honest questions.

Your honest answers.

Your attention.

Your time.


You are a wizard… you’re a sorceress.

You’re not the genie stuck in a bottle waiting for someone’s three wishes. Exert your power!

Get up from your computer… set down your smart phone… and go.

Go. Be. Magic.

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