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magic trick

At some point in your life, you may have come across somebody who amazed you with a magic trick.

David Copperfield.

David Blaine.

Uncle Louie.

Obnoxiously loud street performer.

And maybe you said to yourself…

wow, I’d like to be able to do that!

Maybe you stood in a magic shop… even bought something… but you’re still not doing magic for anyone.

I mentioned one type of magic in my last post, but now I’m talking about “pick a card, any card” kind of magic.

I’m no pro… I’m not even good. But some friends and family members know in the back of their head that Mike is a magic guy.

I HAVE mystified… I HAVE amazed.

And you can to.

The magic shop is overwhelming.

Every hack on the planet has youtube videos.

The library is ok… but lacking.

First, a warning:

Learning how to DO magic will likely ruin your enjoyment of WATCHING magic, at least for a time.

Second, anyone can learn to do magic tricks.

My philosophy is that it’s not about doing tricks… it’s about telling a story and making a connection.

Please don’t just learn to “do tricks”. Magic is storytelling… use magic tricks to tell YOUR story.

Ok, with that out of the way, here are…

My suggestions for getting started with magic:

Your first magic book should be: Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic

  • Probably the most comprehensive and well-written book on magic I’ve ever seen.
  • It covers card magic, coin magic, stage magic, you name it.

Your second book should be: The Royal Road to Card Magic

  • I think this is out of print, but I still see it often.
  • You may not want to focus on card tricks, but they open so much oportunity for story.
  • People immediately think “card tricks” when they hear the word magic.


  • Don’t go buy a bunch of packaged tricks at the magic shop… at least until you know what you’re doing. Too many one-trick ponies out there.
  • Instead, just get what you need to work out of those 2 books…
    • fresh decks of cards
    • some rope
    • string
    • some rubberbands
    • track down some half-dollars (try the bank or a local casino)

That’s it.
Just those things and you are SO set to amaze for a LONG time.

Don’t buy any magic pens or flaming wallets. Don’t buy any stinkin’ D-Lites, or UFO flying cards.

Just get some simple every day items and the knowledge to freak people out with them…

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