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Happy Mother's Day Wife - a poem

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Her beauty felt, as much as seen
She smells of love like the earth smells green
In pain and sweat, she brought forth life
My daughter’s mother, my loving wife

Now up at dawn preparing meals
Scouring the web for family deals
Unpaid taxi running, wheeling
Coupon clipping, groupon dealing

Planning events with keen precision
Guiding our lives with tough decision
Does more in one day than most do in a week
And still makes time to caress my cheek

I stand in wonder, bewildered, awed
I look at her and I thank my God
My luck’s unbound and love unmatched
Some days I wonder if there’s a catch

For I don’t deserve this treasured fate
To be matched with such an amazing mate
Once a year? What can I say?
EVERY day should be Mother’s Day…

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