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Paper: The Original Flat Gaming Device

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crumpled paper ball

Tell you what… are you in cubicle land right now?

You want to have the most fun you’ll have today?

  1. Grab a sheet of paper
  2. Crumple it into a ball
  3. Stand up
  4. Say “Hey” to one of the nearby cubicle dwellers
  5. Toss the crumpled paper to / at them
  6. Wait for it to be thrown back to / at you.
  7. Repeat

If you try this and find it fun, please feel free to send me 99 cents.

You’ve paid as much and more for worse entertainment on your phone or iPad…

Boardgames on the iPad.

I get it.

It makes sense.

But once it’s on the iPad, it’s not a board game anymore… it’s a video game.

When you’re playing online, who do you throw chips at when they drop the robber on your best resources?

Whose glare do you get to see when you block their railroad?

In the near future, I hope to begin a series of fun things you can do with:

  1. A piece of paper and
  2. The people right in front of you

I mean, paper is the original flat gaming device.

Add a pencil and you’ll never run out of games.

You don’t even have to be smart OR creative.

Take a sheet of paper and crumple it: you’ve got a hot potato, a basketball, a soccerball, whatever you want.

Or don’t even crumple it! See if you have the skill to float a sheet of paper at a chosen target: a hat, a box, a trash can, the dog.

When was the last time you had fun with this most classic gaming device?

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