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10 Fun Camping Ideas and a Link to More

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Memorial Day is this weekend.

I recognize that for many it is a day of memory and mourning.

However, it is also the weekend that kicks summer off in the US with camping trips and barbecues.

Here are 11 tips to make the kick off camping trip memorable:

1. Non-dairy creamer + campfire = fireball fun

I’m DEFINITELY bringing some powdered creamer this weekend to wow the kids!

Just don’t, you know… lose any arm hair.

2. Make a slingshot

  • Find a forked branch with a good “Y” shape to it and whittle it smooth.
  • Make the little hammock / pocket thingie to hold your ammo
    • (My last one was made from the wrapper off some hotdogs.)
  • Poke holes in 2 opposing sides of that
  • Use rubber bands to attach it to the “Y” in your stick (may need to carve notches in the ends to keep the bands from sliding).
  • Shoot stuff! (Preferably non-living stuff)

3. Bring dice

Dice are great… they pack small and play as well on a table as in the dirt.

Check here for game ideas: http://homepage.ntlworld.com.

4. Tuppence a bag (feed the birds)

(Let me know if you get the reference.)

Bring bird seed and peanut butter and you’re set to make a pinecone bird feeder!

5. Make a mini campsite model / diorama

This one was my daughter’s idea when she was 3.

She filled a bucket with dirt and proceeded to make a model of our campsite inside it… tents, trees, people.

Use rocks, pinecones, even trash you find around your site.

6. Bring cards!

Again… packs small, plays almost anywhere.

Need game ideas? Here’s a few!

7. Yum… dessert burritos!

Dude… I am ALL over these.

8. Rory’s Story Cubes

I did a review of these a while back.

Just like the dice mentioned above… tons of fun and can be played almost anywhere.

Check ‘em out!

9. Quirks / Psychiatrist

This is a fun improv game that can be a lot of fun around a campfire.

There are many ways to play, but here’s one. (In this case, the audience and actors are likely the same people).

10. Scavenger hunt!

Make up your own, or steal one from here.

Browse Pinterest

Not sure I’m fully on the Pinterest bandwagon yet… but it’s worth browsing for ideas.

Here’s a great board for camping ideas.

Whatever you do, have fun out there and happy Summer!

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