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The REAL reason traditions are important


Me and my bro

Me and my big bro

Traditions are the storage bins of our legacy.

Traditions are the events and activities we choose to repeat which anchor us to time, place and emotion.

They are the bookmarks that take us back, restore our place.

Legacy, on the other hand, is the fingerprints and tire tracks that people leave on those traditions… whether they are gone forever or just for a time.

Tradition says “Now that I’ve done that, it really feels like Christmas.”

Or, “Now this place really feels like home.”

Legacy says “Yes, but it’s not quite the same without you here.”

About a year ago, my sister and brother and I started a new tradition:
Family Game Night.

A chance for all of us to bring our separate families together under one roof and spend time together… eat food, play games, have fun.

When family game night kicks off every month, I say “Now this really feels like family.”

Yes, but it’s not quite the same without you here…

2 years ago, my older brother was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer.

On September 15, 2012, I stood at the foot of his hospice bed and watched him breath his last breath. He was 46.

Today, family game day continues… we eat good food, we laugh and we have a LOT of fun.

But there is always someone missing.

You may not notice it. We may not always talk about it.

But my brother’s fingerprints are all over that time.

I miss him.

Often painfully so.

But things like family game night bring him back to me in small but very potent ways.

What about you?

Are you building this into your life?

Are you paving the way for legacy? For remembering? For touching the lives of those you love and being touched in return?

How much of your calendar is devoted to time with someone or something other than those most important to you?

You should fix that.

Maybe it’s game night. Maybe it’s pizza night. Maybe it’s pub night. I don’t know.

But whatever it is, start it today.

Place those bookmarks now… then take time to get your fingerprints all over them.

Get it on the calendar.

Make it important.

You’ll be glad you did… I know I am.

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Phyllis Graves

Feb 09,2013 @ 06:46PM

What a beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing. I still can’t believe sometimes Mark is really gone. Miss him. I still hear his laugh at times.

Mike Mitrovich (author)

Feb 11,2013 @ 10:13PM

Thanks Phyllis… yes! I will never forget that laugh!

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