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Have a fun summer you’ll remember - plan ahead!


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Do you even remember last summer?

If you’re like me, not really.

I do remember it being busy.

Wondering where the time went… not seeing my friends as much as I’d hoped.

Saying no to cool stuff because my weekends filled up faster than I could think… with maybe other cool stuff. Maybe not.

I don’t remember because my summers tend to just… happen.

But not this year my friends… no way.

I want to get a word in on what my summer is going to look like before the steamroller of weekend activity hits me so hard I don’t know what to do with myself.

I’d love to say I have a sure-fire plan… I don’t.

But I DO have a plan… and that’s better than last year.

If you have a plan, awesome! Please share it in the comments!

But if not, come with me (and bring the rest of your family, because we need their input too)… here’s what we’re going to do:

Put it all down

I mean ALL of it.

We’re going to grab a piece of paper, our iPad, our spreadsheet, word doc, whatever… and write down every single thing we want to do this summer. Everything.

If we don’t take note of what we WANT to do, we’re going to end up doing whatever summer throws in our face.

Some of this stuff will be 1-shot items like that trip to Mexico. Others will be repeatable like movie night. It don’t matter.

And when we’re all done, let’s make sure that on one line of our list, we intentionally write the word “nothing.” We need a time to just… be. Let the day unfold organically… be home, be with our family, our pets, whatever.

Prioritize it

Ok, we got it all down. And looking at the list, I’m thinking… dude, there is NO way I’m going to get all this in without feeling totally wiped out.

So we’ll give our list some structure.

Go to every item in the list and give it one of 3 labels:

  • MUST do
  • LIKE to do
  • MAYBE do

If we really put it ALL down, we should have a number of items for each category.

Prepare for victory!

First, lets sort our list by those 3 categories from above.

Sort the spreadsheet, re-order items in our word doc, re-write on different paper, whatever we need to do.

Preparing for victory means filling in our OWN time before summer beats us to it.

So let’s get our “must do” items on the calendar. Today. Right now.
That includes making reservations now if places will take them.

With those scheduled, we’ve already got summer right where we want it.

The rest? Well, that’s our ammunition for when summer tries to assault us with things like:

  • boredom
  • failed plans
  • bad weather
  • deciding which friend’s invite to accept, etc

We can infuse that list with amazing power by adding some details, such as:

  • Business hours, contact info and address of any related businesses
  • Time investment required for each activity
  • List of things we need to bring along

We’ll carry that list with us everywhere. Maybe even post a copy of it somewhere prominent in our home.

We’ll also be sure to read it over every day or two. Once a week at the very least.

And hey, if we forget what happened, we’ll have our list to remind us.

What’s on your list?

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