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Why Be Happy?

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As I finished typing the main body of this post, news of the Boston Marathon explosions started streaming into my feeds.

At first, I didn’t think it appropriate to publish a post about happiness. But then I thought… what better time?

We will experience pain, suffering and catastrophe in our lives. Filling our tool belts with more ways to find happiness can’t be a bad thing.

Last night I had the opportunity to hear from Dr. Mark Holder PhD, regarding the topic of happiness.

He and his team are studying hapiness in a way that has seen very little light in modern psychology. See, most of psychology seeks to diagnose what is wrong with you and then fix it.

Positive Psychology and specifically Dr. Holder’s team, is looking to determine what is RIGHT with us and how to promote it.

And they have found scientifically proven ways to enhance happiness.

Since happiness is a key component of my legacy of fun, I want to share some of what I learned from Holder’s talk in this and a few future posts.

I say “learned”, but really there weren’t a lot of surprises. But many things of which I needed to be reminded.

Keep in mind that Dr. Holder’s study of happiness involves both the short-term joy of say, enjoying an ice cream cone on a summer day, as well as in terms of enduring well-being.

For today’s post, let me just share some reasons happiness is something worth thinking about… you know, besides the fact that we all crave it…

Happy people are more creative

Happy people are more creative, have more ideas and have less negative attachments to ideas they consider “bad” ones.

Happy people are healthier

This applies to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Happiness can add more years to your life than quitting smoking, healthy diet and other efforts.

Happy folks get sick less. And when they do get sick, it’s less intense and for a shorter length of time.

Happiness makes us more resilient to negative events in our lives.

Happy people are more attractive

It is scientifcally proven that happy adults are more attractive to other adults, children, and strangely enough… chickens.

Happy people have better jobs

Many of us think a better job will make us happier, but the inverse is ALSO true. Living a happier life is proven to increase the chances of landing a satisfying job.

Happy people have better relationships

Happy people have better relationships with their family and friends. Enduring relationships where you can share your successes and setbacks without judgement.

And I would add that happy people leave what I’ve called a “legacy of fun”.

A living legacy left upon the people that they interact with, both friend and stranger alike.

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Apr 15,2013 @ 09:24PM

Well done, son. Well done.

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