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ipad and boardgames

I’m glad boardgames are popular, because boardgames are awesome.
But this rush of iPad boardgames is killing me.

I have Google alerts delivering boardgame news to my inbox.
And dude… it’s depressing.

A typical breakdown of what I get:

  • 20% basketball, board room politics, other unrelated crap
  • 05% Actual boardgames
  • 75% iPad versions of boardgames

I get that it’s easier to open an iPad app instead of a box full of pieces sometimes… but it’s worth putting in the time.

There is no substitute for getting a group of REAL people together to play in person.

Playing real physical boardgames…

  • builds relationships
  • engages your friends, family and complete strangers.
  • builds character
  • creates joy
  • enhances life.

They create experiences that are bigger than the game itself.

But playing iPad board games?

  • lame distraction
  • ignores relationships
  • disconnects you from others
  • rots your brain
  • wastes a crap ton of time

However, as much as I loathe this transition to digital boardgames played against unseen and usually non-human opponents, I WILL give them this much (and it ain’t much):

  • 4 of us played Forbidden Island and Timeline on my iPad when the wind would have made it impossible with the physical games.
    • The key factor here is playing with actual people, face to face.
  • Downloading the cheaper iPad version of some games has helped me make a more confident decision about buying the REAL game.

But that’s it.

If you’re with your iPad and just playing against the AI, or even with others online, you are completely missing out.

I’m serious, man… less with the silicon and more with the cardboard!

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