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Where are we going? Because I might want to take a different road.

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where are we going?

Sometimes technology makes us efficient but cold.

Sometimes we gain speed by cutting out things that matter.

There was a time that when I wanted to talk to someone, I called their family.

I didn’t call “Billy Johnson”. I called “The Johnsons” and asked for Billy.

My vocabulary included the words “Hi, this is Mike, can I talk to…”

And not just at work.

Now I have a phone in my pocket and people call me: Mike Mitrovich. Not the Mitrovich family or the Mitrovich house… just Mike.

Mail was the same… if I got it, it was in the pile with everyone else’s.

Before I could read a letter, someone’s loving hands wrote, folded, addresses and sealed it.

And more human hands brushed against it before it found its way into mine.

When I wanted information, my finger would flip through the pages of a book or I’d find someone and ask.

It took time. It took effort. It took knowing the people ask or the right book to read. It took asking questions like, “Hey, do you remember…?”

Now it just takes Google.

I used to be amazed and excited about the ways technology made life more efficient, more fast, more fun.

But as I push 40 and I watch my 5-year-old growing up, I’m starting to feel abused by it.

I’m more interested in who I spend my time with than how efficiently I spend it.

I want to enjoy moments rather than speed them up.

I want to hear voices, shake hands, share a hug, a high-five, a meal… not just status updates and tweets.

But I’m too busy being efficient.

Too busy being fast.

Too busy updating my status.

I’m addicted to that speed… to that power.

So many are. Look at how they respond to their devices when they buzz and chirp.
Look at how they rage when the connection is slow…

But if we’re getting so fast… and getting so efficient… what I’m starting to wonder is:

Where are we going?

Because I might want to take a different road.

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