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remembering to wonder

One of the best things I can do as a parent is teach my daughter to hold on to wonder longer than I did.

I spend so much energy telling her to be safe, to behave, to follow the plan, to hurry up, to be on time, to plan ahead, to be clean.

But the best moments in life take place in the margins between these admonitions.

The best and worst of life is NOT clean. Plans fail, sometimes wonderfully so. She should be enjoying life and capturing the wonder all around her… not hurrying to her next appointment.

Instead of being safe, I want her to be aware.

Yes, behave… when I’m right… when it truly is important to do so. But challenge me when I’m wrong or just being a blockhead.

Being in the moment is better than being on time.

Having a vision is better than having a plan.

Be aware of what’s ahead, but be alive and attentive to what is right now.

The sights, the smells, the ideas, the feeling of just living.

Do all of this, so you can remind me what it’s like.

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