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54 Ways to Kickstart Your Storytelling!

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StoryTeller Cards!

There’s a project on KickStarter right now that I’m pretty excited about called StoryTeller Cards.

Part game, part creative inspiration.

As some of you may know, I’m a huge fan of Rory’s Story Cubes. I like storytelling, especially spontaneous, improvised storytelling that involves other people.

So you take the idea of Rory’s 54 dice images and expand that to 54 cards in a deck with all kinds of imaginative hooks, and you have me wanting to throw my money at you.

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3 Year Old Girl Slays Monsters, Rescues Best Friend and Still Has Time to Wash Hands For Dinner



The dungeon walls were stern and bleak… a forbidding mist clinging to every stone. The stir of malicious beasts echoed off the walls… both disturbing and disorienting. And somewhere trapped in the bowels of this abysmal tomb lay a companion unlike any other. Sniffer… the furry, gray, valiant guardian of dreams and hopes.

The cause of his abduction was unknown… as was the danger. Yet 3 heroes, brave and bold would still their fears… steady their trembling hands… and venture into the very mouth of evil and bring back our missing friend…

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