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Passing it On

The goal of Legacy of Fun is to create ideas and opportunities for fun… and pass them on.

To my family… friends… neighbors… even complete strangers.

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Daily Video Project - Day 5 - Zoe's Song

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This daily video project was a fun experiment, but I think I’ll wrap it up with today’s video.

This one is dedicated to my daughter.
Just before she was born, I made up a lullaby for her while I was taking a shower.

I sang it to her a lot when she was tiny, but it’s been awhile now.

Now she’s eight and a half and started requesting that I sing it again…

Daily Video Project – Day 5 – Zoe’s Song

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An End to Birthday Present Mayhem

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I can’t bear to watch presents being opened at kids’ birthday parties anymore.

If you can, then I don’t think we can be friends.

I mean, have you really watched what goes on?

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Remind me to wonder

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remembering to wonder

One of the best things I can do as a parent is teach my daughter to hold on to wonder longer than I did.

I spend so much energy telling her to be safe, to behave, to follow the plan, to hurry up, to be on time, to plan ahead, to be clean.

But the best moments in life take place in the margins between these admonitions.

The best and worst of life is NOT clean. Plans fail, sometimes wonderfully so. She should be enjoying life and capturing the wonder all around her… not hurrying to her next appointment.

Instead of being safe, I want her to be aware.

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The REAL reason traditions are important


Me and my bro

Me and my big bro

Traditions are the storage bins of our legacy.

Traditions are the events and activities we choose to repeat which anchor us to time, place and emotion.

They are the bookmarks that take us back, restore our place.

Legacy, on the other hand, is the fingerprints and tire tracks that people leave on those traditions… whether they are gone forever or just for a time.

Tradition says “Now that I’ve done that, it really feels like Christmas.”

Or, “Now this place really feels like home.”

Legacy says “Yes, but it’s not quite the same without you here.”

About a year ago, my sister and brother and I started a new tradition…

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Happy Mother's Day Wife - a poem

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Her beauty felt, as much as seen
She smells of love like the earth smells green
In pain and sweat, she brought forth life
My daughter’s mother, my loving wife

Now up at dawn preparing meals
Scouring the web for family deals
Unpaid taxi running, wheeling
Coupon clipping, groupon dealing

Planning events with keen precision
Guiding our lives with tough decision
Does more in one day than most do in a week
And still makes time to caress my cheek

I stand in wonder, bewildered, awed
I look at her and I thank my God
My luck’s unbound and love unmatched
Some days I wonder if there’s a catch

For I don’t deserve this treasured fate
To be matched with such an amazing mate
Once a year? What can I say?
EVERY day should be Mother’s Day…

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