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Passing it On

The goal of Legacy of Fun is to create ideas and opportunities for fun… and pass them on.

To my family… friends… neighbors… even complete strangers.

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Stop Working, It's Time To Play


playing around


Stop being silly.

Stop playing around.

Stop… having fun.

If you have kids, how many times a day do you send them this message?

If you don’t have kids, how many times do you think these thoughts anyways?

How absurd. How silly. How childish. Kids these days. Grow up.

I know I send this message to my daughter all day long…

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Sometimes a Legacy is Handed Up... Instead of Down

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It’s 7am.

It’s not Christmas morning, but it feels like it.

My wife is in the kitchen… preparing.

I’m sitting at the foot of our bed with my daughter on my lap. When I went to sleep she was 2. Somehow, she turned 3 while I slept.

I’m stalling while candles are being placed in a birthday morning donut. I’m stalling in more ways than one…

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Build a "community of shovers" to help make life changes

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I don’t know about you, but in my experience it is much more difficult to make life changes than the leading blogs, books and websites would have me believe.


I desire to live a life that leaves behind a “legacy of fun”. But that life is different from how I’ve been living. And in this current life, I’ve built up a fair amount of friction.

The friction I’m talking about includes:

  • Nay-sayers and doubters who question my desires, judge my progress and deny that what I seek even exists
  • A history of making the same choices I’ve been making
  • A mind-set that says it will always be how it is now because it always has been
  • Fear… fear of the unknown, financial stability, loss of respect, burning bridges
  • Lack of clarity… knowing I want to change, but unable to imagine the future I’m trying to build

To overcome its own friction, sometimes an object (like me) needs a little outside shove…

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A cure for athletes foot and stress


Traveling by plane these days can be a little stressful.

Traveling with a two-year-old daughter for the first time, even more so.

Add to that, the logistics of carrying her car seat around the terminal, down the narrow aisle of a crowded plane and then installing it in the oh so roomy seat in row 57A.

Not to mention all the other little things that incrementally raise the blood pressure… the line building up behind you, running out of trays for the security check, miss-communication with your wife over who’s grabbing the stroller, daughter afraid of the metal detector, security staff even more stern and gruff than normal… it can get ugly fast.

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