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Of Running, Joy and Funky Dances

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Video: Of Running, Joy and Funky Dances

This short video of my daughter reminds me of a few things I regularly forget…

(It also let me try out a new intro and exit for my videos!)

Some reminders:

  • Joy is contagious
  • Sometimes we need to run, not to win, but just for the fun of it.
  • No matter how busy we are, sometimes we need to stop and do a funky dance.
  • The best feeling in life can often be to encourage others to run and cheer them on

Who can you encourage today?

What does your “funky dance” look like?

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Magic For Muggles

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magic trick

At some point in your life, you may have come across somebody who amazed you with a magic trick.

David Copperfield.

David Blaine.

Uncle Louie.

Obnoxiously loud street performer.

And maybe you said to yourself…

wow, I’d like to be able to do that!

Maybe you stood in a magic shop… even bought something… but you’re still not doing magic for anyone.

I mentioned one type of magic in my last post, but now I’m talking about “pick a card, any card” kind of magic.

I’m no pro… I’m not even good. But some friends and family members know in the back of their head that Mike is a magic guy.

I HAVE mystified… I HAVE amazed.

And you can to.

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Magic Is Real

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Magic is real

Poetry, Art, Love, Magic, Joy, Excitement, Adventure, Mystery, Danger… it’s all real.

Sometimes you need to be reminded.

Step right up ladies and gentlemen… this is LIFE!

And it can be magic if you let it.

Magic, you say?

Yes, magic.

But you can’t just wait for the magic… you must SUMMON it…

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How to play more board games when there just isn't time

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play more boardgames

I know how it is:
You hear some friend talk about the fun board game they played over the weekend and you think…

Man, I need to play games more often.

And so you try to get some people together but schedules don’t match up.

2 days before the game, one of the few people who were coming backs out and it’s down to 2 or 3 of you, but the game you wanted to play really needed 4 players.

It sucks, I know!

The problem is… those things won’t change.

Schedules will always conflict.

Things will always come up last minute.

Don’t be discouraged!

You can make game day happen!

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Unlocking the chains that hold me back from celebration and fun

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lock and chain

Chained down. Locked up. Barricaded, withheld, tethered, restrained…

Does this describe you? Even a little bit?

Couldn’t you be having more fun than you’re having? Couldn’t you be laughing more? Playing more? Contributing more?

I could.

But at some point in our lives, someone we know (probably someone we even love) put some kind of chain around us and slapped a lock on it.

And more than likely, the chain is forged with the metal of fear. Fear of failure. Fear of being disappointed (or of disappointing others). Fear of losing something. Fear of learning something new about ourselves. Fear of learning we were right all along…

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