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How to Save Time Now: Turn Off Your Time Machines


If you want to save time while also connecting more with the world around you, you’re going to have to turn off your time machines.

You may not think you own such a contraption, but if you’re reading this blog, then you’re already traveling in time…

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12 Reasons You Need to Take an Improv Class ASAP!

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1. Recharge your Imagination

There are very few props in improv. Every thing you need is in your mind.

Part of learning improv is learning to use imagination to generate believable props, believable locations and believable situations out of thin air.

You can learn to do this, and it’s like letting your mind out of prison.

2. Reconnect with yourself

Improv is less about pretending or “acting” and more about being completely present and completely “you.”

Many of us spend a lot of time acting in our daily lives… suppressing who we really are to fit in.

Good improv is angry, sad, confused, jealous, ecstatic, annoyed, yearning.

3. Test out your dreams

Nothing is impossible in Improv…

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Build a "community of shovers" to help make life changes

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I don’t know about you, but in my experience it is much more difficult to make life changes than the leading blogs, books and websites would have me believe.


I desire to live a life that leaves behind a “legacy of fun”. But that life is different from how I’ve been living. And in this current life, I’ve built up a fair amount of friction.

The friction I’m talking about includes:

  • Nay-sayers and doubters who question my desires, judge my progress and deny that what I seek even exists
  • A history of making the same choices I’ve been making
  • A mind-set that says it will always be how it is now because it always has been
  • Fear… fear of the unknown, financial stability, loss of respect, burning bridges
  • Lack of clarity… knowing I want to change, but unable to imagine the future I’m trying to build

To overcome its own friction, sometimes an object (like me) needs a little outside shove…

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I'm looking for balance in my life

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No life balance in cubicle.

Image courtesy stewf (flickr)

I would like more balance in my life. More exercise, joy, connection, fun, health, laughter, free time, time with family, time with friends, confidence, a true sense of vocation, etc.

Instead, I have too often chosen a paycheck. And the means to earn that paycheck have taken far too big a chunk out of the other things I desire. Like really living life instead of just “earning a living”…

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